Retha C. | Concord

March-20-2024 Bark busters rating

Will try to make this short. Sunday I left McGee twice! Church that morning and again that night for a youth fundraiser at church. He's getting so much better that I didn't spy on him that morning but I did last night. Everyone at church gets a kick out of watching him on the McGee cam 🤭. Today we went to get a burger in memory of Daddy for his birthday and he's so much better in the car! He used to bark at anyone and everyone but now he just chills out. I know people are tired of me pushing how important training is and I almost feel like I am an ambassador for Bark Busters because I truly know what you have done for me and McGee is the beneficiary of that. If you come across someone on the fence about the program, please feel free to have them talk to me. I am such an advocate for what you guys do!!! ❤️

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Taylor Lynne P. | Huntersville

February-14-2024 Bark busters rating

We first hired Bark Busters Lake Norman 5 years ago when we had two, small senior dogs. I was pregnant and wasn't sure how our dogs would handle the transition, plus there were a number of behaviors we had ignored over the years that would be unacceptable once the baby came. I swore after that first visit they had somehow swapped our dogs for two well behaved dogs when we weren't looking! They took so much time with us, made sure we understood everything, and were always there for us any time we needed them. When the time came for our boys to cross the rainbow bridge, Diane and John were there for us offering advice and support and just over all going above and beyond the call of duty. We recently got a puppy and calling Diane and John to help with him was a no brainer. We LOVE Bark Busters Lake Norman!!

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Taylor J. | Huntersville

August-31-2023 Bark busters rating

Diane and John are miracle workers! We have 2 goldens and they are quite the handful at times. Diane and John have taught us so much about dog behavior that helps you understand why dogs do things certain ways so that you can correct their behavior. They teach you corrections that are effective and beyond helpful. I love that they come to your home so that they can see your dog in their own environment. If I could give 10 stars, I would!

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Dave and Diny C. | Huntersville

August-15-2023 Bark busters rating

John and Diane are a fantastic team. We are only a few weeks into training with our puppy, but with their methods we are already off to a great start. Having them as a part of our team gives us confidence!

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Teresa B. | Denver

June-22-2023 Bark busters rating

We had issues with our Dachshund rescue. He was resource guarding me against my husband. Also lot of barking and would not let others pet him. After ONE visit with Diane and John he is a different dog. They were able to show us how to correct his unwanted behaviors. he is now and happy and relaxed dog! We are thrilled with his progress!

Aggression Barking Separation anxiety Other

Micheal F. | Cornelius

June-09-2023 Bark busters rating

Our trainers (Diane and John) were amazing and so understanding with both of our dogs and with us as well! They took the time to explain every bit of the reason behind the training techniques and the behaviors of dogs in general to help us understand how to communicate with our dogs. One of the dogs was very timid during the first meeting and they took things slower with her and never tried to push her too far. Every session was tailored to address the specific issues we cited in our initial call to Bark Busters and every technique they taught us started showing noticeable changes sometimes as quickly as one day after practicing it with the dogs. None of the training involved anything pain or treat related (no shock collar, treat training, etc) which we appreciated too! They just teach you how to communicate with your dog so that they understand what you want from them. Diane and John are absolutely amazing and thoughtful individuals and I would recommend them and Bark Busters to anyone!

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Katy G. | Iron Station

April-17-2023 Bark busters rating

Diane and John are so good at what they do. They helped our whole family understand dog behavior so that we could work WITH our dogs rather than against them. We have 2 golden doodles and live on a farm so they helped us teach them how to interact with the animals. Diane responds quickly to questions and has very useful recommendations. We are very happy that we worked with them to train our dogs and highly recommend them.

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Anthony T. | Cornelius

February-17-2023 Bark busters rating

Bark Busters Lake Norman, led by trainers Diane and John, provided exceptional puppy training for our two chocolate labs. Their behavioral approach focused on addressing the root causes of our pups' behavioral issues, without using treats or punishment. Diane and John were professional and knowledgeable, creating a personalized training plan to achieve our goals. Throughout the training process, they used communication-based methods, teaching our puppies obedience skills through voice tones, body language, and other subtle cues. Bark Busters' unique approach to training allowed us to build a strong foundation of trust and respect with our puppies, leading to well-behaved and obedient dogs. We highly recommend their non-treat and non-punishment-based training to anyone in the Lake Norman area. Diane and John at Bark Busters Lake Norman are the perfect choice for top-notch puppy training.

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January-16-2023 Bark busters rating

I reached out to John and Diane back in September and I've only had 2 sessions with them and they have taught me so much already. I even told Diane that I didn't realize I could love my dog more but I do, especially now that we have a better understanding of each other. My dog is a German Shepherd mix who was through training when he was a puppy. I diligently followed the instructions I was given, but over time he developed some habits that I didn't get in front of like rushing the door anytime someone came. I would correct him, but he didn't care and I just starting thinking this is normal behavior for his breed. But now that he is 4 and much stronger, I started getting worried that something bad could happen so I called Diane and John to help me. That have been tremendous in helping me understand how to adapt my behavior to improve his. With only 2 sessions (and a lot of practice) I don't have a dog that controls my front door. I can highly recommend them and they will help you, but you need to put in the work. Now I can't wait to see what our next session brings.

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Brooke D. | Huntersville

November-30-2022 Bark busters rating

Only one lesson in and we are very confident this is the BEST money we ever spent! John and Diane are delightful, kind, and incredibly talent at what they do! Our two Goldendoodles are noticeably better-I can't wait to see what else John and Diane can teach us!

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Julie D. | Mooresville

October-24-2022 Bark busters rating

Night and Day. I only wish I had done this sooner! I had no idea how badly behaved my dogs really were until we moved here and had to live in an apartment for awhile. My dogs lurched and barked incessantly at EVERYONE all the time. Even the people outside when we were trying to have a quiet evening. In only 2 hours Diane and John trained US to work with our dogs differently. No treats or gimmicks. In just that time we saw a SIGNIFICANT change. Its been 2 days and we are running into neighbors when we walk them and no more barking or lurching even when they see other dogs! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. Do not wait another minute with your dog ruling the roost. This is life changing, and good for the dogs too.

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Rob O. | Huntersville

October-03-2022 Bark busters rating

John and Diane have been awesome!! Very responsive and easy to work with! We saw great results with our dog, Quinn after just one session! Looking forward to continuing to work with them! Highly recommend.

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Krys R. | Huntersville

June-06-2022 Bark busters rating

Just in one day of training my baby girl is doing so much better . My wife and I finally see light at the end of the tunnel . Well worth every penny . Diane and John are absolutely amazing and so welcoming . I trust in them so much. They know exactly what they are doing.

Barking Pulling Separation anxiety

Destiny W. | Mooresville

June-01-2022 Bark busters rating Sat, May 28, 5:43 PM (4 days ago) to me I called Bark Busters to help with my dogs' Separation Anxiety while living in an apartment. Diane and John have been fantastic! We are only 2 training sessions down and I have seen a huge difference in my dog. We also moved cities to a house between training and Diane and John were always available by text or call for any issues we had! I would 100% recommend them.

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Laurie G. | Mooresville

May-14-2022 Bark busters rating

I was a new dog owner with an 8 week Puppy and needed someone to train myself and my dog!! After multiple phone interviews with different trainers I decided on Barkbusters of Lake Norman. Diane and John are not only very knowledgeable but extremely kind and patient. Their techniques were easy for both myself and Willow and I saw great improvement after each visit that was sustainable They are the best I highly recommend them

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Angie B. | Huntersville

May-13-2022 Bark busters rating

Diane and John are so knowledgeable and kind! Admittedly, I was skeptical of dog training that isn't based on treats OR punishment, but I'm a believer now. It didn't take long for us to realize that we were the ones that need training. I mean, we were doing things all wrong and our dogs had US trained! And by "we" I mostly mean my husband. We've only had one visit from Diane and John so far, and we've been practicing what we learned in the initial consultation. In just 9 days, these two dogs have learned to walk on loose leashes. Prior to starting with Bark Busters, I was not physically able to walk either of these girls by myself because they pulled like sled dogs 100% of the time. This made me sad because they LOVE going on walks. Now I feel "in control" on our short walks. We will build on that and increase the length of walks as well as introducing "distractions". We're also working or reactivity to visitors at the front door. The techniques we learned in visit #1 are working well so far and the barking and lunging at the door is dramatically decreased. We still have lots of work to do, but I am so happy that we called Bark Busters. Their pricing is very reasonable, especially considering they offer a lifetime guarantee. Besides, you will learn so much from them that you can apply to any future pets that might find their way into your they do! I seriously wish I had known what they taught me on day 1 thirty years ago.

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Jordan H. | Mooresville

May-04-2022 Bark busters rating

John and Diane are truly miracle workers. Many life-changing events left my dog, Miss Carter, very anxious around other people and dogs. As others have noted, I was skeptical of training that didn’t involve treats or punishment, but we gave it a shot. What I learned early is that the training was more for me and the results were phenomenal… you could tell she was a different dog from the first training and it just compounded with each additional training. She is so much more calm, confident and happy – and EVERYONE has noticed it. She even has a new dog best friend that she plays with all the time. I only wish we had found John and Diane sooner!

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Aubrey H. | Huntersville

April-18-2022 Bark busters rating

We decided to get a puppy 2 months before we our first baby's due date. After the first few days of having the puppy, we were on the fence to re-home our Golden Doodle puppy Rose. We didn't want to see her go, and we found Bark Busters Lake Norman with Diane and John. We decided to give training a shot to see if we could better help Rose. Diane and John came to our house and immediately we felt like there was hope for us and Rose. Diane and John helped us understand the different behaviors Rose was having and how to correct her bad behaviors. We felt much more confident in training Rose. We have called and texted Diane several times in between our visits and she always responses quickly with clarity and helpful information. I would 100% recommend the training program with Diane and John!! They are extremely helpful and personable! As well, the training program is affordable and great value! If you are on the fence of re-homing your puppy, give Diane and John a call and they will help you!

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Corey B. | Huntersville

October-20-2021 Bark busters rating

John and Diane are amazing! After an awful experience with another dog trainer, we were very hesitant to try another service, especially one where we have to pay up front. All I have to say is if you hire Bark Busters Lake Norman, you won't be disappointed! After 2 weeks of working with our pups, they are like different dogs. Their reactivity to other dogs, barking, and other behavioral issues are getting better each day! Their system is so simple, yet effective! Its based on establishing yourself as the leader of the pack, and your dogs immediately respond. We are just getting started with John and Diane, but I am confident that we'll continue to make progress. Thank you both for providing your services!

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Kim T. | Mooresville

August-05-2021 Bark busters rating

Today marks our 3 month anniversary of being trained by Diane and John. I say “us” because it is my husband and myself that are being trained. We then train our dog according to the Bark Busters philosophy and methods. I have restrained myself from writing a review because I wanted to see where we would be in 3 months, regarding a well-trained pup. There is no doubt the reviews for Bark Busters Lake Norman are impressive, but I notice most are made after the initial “miracle” session, which we definitely also experienced. Tedi was 4 months old when we had our first training session. The difference after that one session was remarkable but you must keep up with the training in order for it to become engrained. We love the Bark Busters method because it is neither reward- nor punishment-based. It is behavioral and it makes so much sense. Add on the fact that John and Diane are superb trainers with great observational skills and you will have a well trained dog if you are willing to do the work with your dog. Diane and John are also well versed in regards to toys, safety, nutrition, socialization, and more. We have learned so much from them and in 3 short months and continue to learn as our sessions progress. Although not as frequent now, we know they are there for us when we need them either in person with an appointment or suggestions from afar. Tedi amazes our friends who visit with her attention and obedience. And she is a very happy dog. Thank you John, Diane, and Bark Busters! We continue to progress and be impresssed.

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Nikki D. | Huntersville

March-10-2020 Bark busters rating

My goldendoodle is not the same dog after just 1 training session with John & Diane. He is 15 months old & has progressed from constantly barking inside & outside to relaxing & sitting quietly, just from that 1st training lesson. They took the time to really explain what my dog was communicating to me, so I could understand how communicate what I want him to do. They are so knowledgeable about dog behavior & compassionate about your struggles with your pet. I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to learn how to correct their dog’s behavior so he/she can really be your best buddy!

Barking Jumping up Pulling

Hilary S. | Cornelius

July-17-2019 Bark busters rating

Diane and John are amazing to work with! Within a two and a half hour session I was already feeling better about my dog's barking issue. They showed me techniques that did not require me to use force or treats. I look forward to the next session and I would recommend them to anyone!

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Kathy S. | Huntersville

June-01-2019 Bark busters rating

“I'm having a proud mama day with O'Malley.. he gets tons of compliments about his behavior when out walking the streets. This morning i was walking him around the neighborhood and a gentleman had asked me if he was a weimaraner because he has a 6 month old "most insane weimaraner you have ever seen".. I told him that O'Malley was super crazy at one time and asked if they have a trainer.. he said he did not and his dog is only 6 months..i of course said nows the time!!!!!!!! Lol he asked if i had a recommendation? Well heck yaaaaaaaaaaa ?..needless to say i passed along your info..he put it in his phone..i would be shocked if he doesn't call today. He wants to be able to get to the point he can take his dog to his son's baseball games. I explained our experience and told him just how pleased we are with yall being in our lives.

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Mackenzie C. | Mooresville

May-31-2019 Bark busters rating

Working with Dianne and John has been such a pleasure. Our dog Bourbon is 9 years old and we rescued him about a year ago. He had awful separation anxiety and it was to the point of either getting rid of him or moving out of our new apartment into a house again because he whined and barked so badly. Dianne called me back after hearing me in tears in a voicemail I left because no one seemed qualified to help us, or we were going to have to spend about 2000 dollars. We aren't even done with our year of training and he is already 10x better. We were hopeless, after trying many many alternatives including prescribed anxiety and calming medications. They are very patient and sweet, and they come to your home. Couldnt have asked for anyone better. They are even doing infant training with him because we are expecting our first baby. If I could give them 10 stars I would.

Pulling Separation anxiety

Cindy J. | Mooresville

February-18-2019 Bark busters rating

We love working with John and Diane! They help us speak our dogs’ language and it has made such a difference! They are always very responsive to our millions of questions and super patient with us as we learn all of the new ways to work with our dogs. Highly recommend them!!!

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Beth and Mike G. | Huntersville

February-18-2019 Bark busters rating

We wish we could give Diane and John 10 stars! They are absolutely fabulous! We had a surprise new addition to our family! We rescued a dog who was going to be euthanized if he didn't find a home by the time the facility closed that day. After Titan came home, he was mouthing our 4 year old twin boys, fearfully and aggressively barking when a man entered the room (he had been abused by a male per animal control), he hadn’t learned boundaries, and had rushes of adrenaline. We were concerned about our family’s well-being as well as our dog, Lucy, and Diane and John made time for us in their busy schedule on a Sunday evening to help us. In one night, Diane and John gave us solutions that are kind and gentle but extremely effective. Diane and John truly care about animals being treated with loving kindness and are willing to help rescued pets transition into their new homes. We would be happy to provide a personal reference for their outstanding services. We highly recommend them!

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Kelly J. | Huntersville

February-18-2019 Bark busters rating

We had our first training session last night with our foster dog who has some behaviors that would hinder him being adopted! I was skeptical they could be corrected but now a believer!!!! We were blown away with how he responded to their training methods!!! It’s not just training for the dog but more of a family training as a pack!!! John and Diane were great with the whole family! Highly recommended!!!--

Aggression Barking Jumping up Other

Kim R. | Huntersville

January-15-2019 Bark busters rating

Dianne and John are excellent dog trainers and a pleasure to work with. After moving to a new home, our two dogs became aggressive towards each other. The situation was becoming dangerous, and we were beginning to think that we may have to rehome one of our dogs. We were feeling heartbroken and decided to contact Bark Busters. After just one session with Diane and John, our dogs were totally transformed. They have continued to work with us and we have had no more aggressive incidents. We can relax in our home again and we feel confident taking our dogs out in public around people and other dogs. We are so grateful to Diane and John. Working with them has been an awesome experience, and our dogs love them. Highly recommend!

Aggression Jumping up Pulling Sibling rivalry

Taylor P. | Huntersville

August-22-2018 Bark busters rating

I am in a state of shock that within 3 hours my 10-year-old dogs' challenging behaviors did a complete 180. I got more out of those few hours with Diane and John than I did from any trainer, vet, Dog Whisperer episode EVER! Thank you!

Barking Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety

Bjoerg L. | Huntersville

July-02-2018 Bark busters rating

Wonderful experience! We were looking for help with a dog we're fostering and Diane and John were absolutely amazing. They listened, explained everything very well, and we saw significant progress within a few days. Highly recommend them!

Hyperactivity Separation anxiety Other

Meghan C. | Mooresville

June-25-2018 Bark busters rating

We called Diane & John to come and help us with our new puppy, Ollie. They quickly set up and an appointment to come to our house and to assist us with our puppy training With their guidance, we began noticing a difference in the pups behavior after one visit They have since revisited the home for a followup visit and we couldn't be happier with the results

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Rebecca W. | Concord

April-26-2018 Bark busters rating

Nikki had only had one lesson and has greatly improved on her barking.

Barking Separation anxiety

Linda L. | Concord

April-21-2018 Bark busters rating

"We are using Barkbusters for our chocolate lab. Diane and John were wonderful-we saw changes in him in the first session. I recommend them!"

Jumping up Pulling Other

Ellen D. | Davidson

April-02-2018 Bark busters rating

My little mini dachshund, Edie, was abused and neglected for nearly 4 years in a puppy mill before I rescued her about 3 years ago. She suffers from fear and anxiety, which is manifested by barking at people (not other animals!), following me all over the house, and going crazy when the doorbell rings. Last week we had our first session with Diane and John, and Edie's response has been miraculous. While we still have work to do, through the Bark Busters' techniques Edie's barking and fearful behaviors have decreased significantly, and she seems to be much more confidant! My friends and neighbors have noticed a BIG change in Edie's barking and demeanor. What a huge relief for both of us! Diane and John are fabulous at what they do, and are so warm and caring. I recommend them so highly!!!

Barking Separation anxiety

Linda L. | Concord

March-28-2018 Bark busters rating

Really were impressed with John and Diane and their training methods. Look forward to working with them.

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Heather C. | Statesville

March-18-2018 Bark busters rating

We learned so much and can't believe what we are getting for the price. Highly recommend!

Puppy management Sibling rivalry

Jessica H. | Mooresville

March-03-2018 Bark busters rating

They came out and taught us so much about having a new puppy. They set us up to be successful puppy owners. I recommend them to everyone because they made such a huge difference. We actually thought about taking the puppy back. Now, he is the best little fur ball ever. They helped with the chewing, crate, yelping, nipping, biting, everything. Highly recommend Bark Busters.

Puppy management

Trista O B. | Mooresville

February-05-2018 Bark busters rating

Reaching out to work with Diane and John been such a great experience! They both are a pleasure to be around and extremely helpful in learning how to communicate with our new pup (8 months), Toby. We are off to a wonderful start leading to a lifetime of happy adventures! Knowing we have Diane and John "by our side" at anytime is a great lifeline while we grow with Toby over the years to come.

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Kathy R. | Huntersville

January-12-2018 Bark busters rating

Just wanted to let you know that Julianna and Jake phoned me after first session and were so appreciative and impressed!! So happy I made the decision to purchase this as a Christmas gift...couldn't have thought of anything better! Happy New Year!

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Barbara P. | Huntersville

January-11-2018 Bark busters rating

We loved everything! Karl, Buddy and I are looking forward to continuing on this adventure with you. I'm so glad to have found you both.

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Renee B. | Davidson

November-18-2017 Bark busters rating

"UNBELIEVABLE ! It was a miracle to see our dogs just in minutes change dramatically and with our control too. Thank you, thank you Diane and John!! A huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders....can't wait for more of your miracles!!! Our babies now seem at ease....phew"

Aggression Barking Jumping up Puppy management

Amy L. | Concord

October-27-2017 Bark busters rating

"We were very impressed with how quickly Sara responded to the program! Since the first session ended today, we feel Sara is doing great! Also, the knowledge & skill of Diane & John are wonderful! It was very easy for Robert & I to share any questions & concerns we had for Sara all through the first session & we also feel very comfortable to contact Diane & John in between times if needed! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!❤️ "

Barking Jumping up Puppy management Toileting Other

Danielle & Kyle T. | Denver

October-04-2017 Bark busters rating

Diane and John are just wonderful! From the second our dogs met them they somehow understood that Diane and John were in charge, they have this amazing dog friendly aura about them. We were absolutely AMAZED that after the first session our dogs didn't even seem to care about the doorbell anymore (they normally would rush the door) and actually started to realize that we were the pack leaders and they needed to listen. The most incredible life changing behavior modification is leash walking- we never used to take them on walks because they reacted to everything and constantly pulled on the leash, there was nothing enjoyable about a walk. After only two sessions the girls walk right beside us and react minimally (if at all) to their surroundings. The change in their behavior has been absolutely worth every penny and we will continue to keep in touch with Diane and John for years to come, as they are so friendly and welcoming and genuinely love their job!!

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Peggy D. | Concord

September-16-2017 Bark busters rating

Diane and John are wonderful. They are patient and very good teachers which is a gift. They are tuned to little details in my training regime so I was able to make the necessary corrections. They are professional and extremely knowledgeable about animal behavior which only helps me understand my dog. Diane and John came to my rescue as I was getting overwhelmed with training my puppy. They made me feel relaxed and they took away the pressure I felt to get it right. Knowing I can call them for help is exactly the comfort I need. This will be a long term relationship and well worth the investment. Thank You

Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Puppy management Separation anxiety Toileting

Linda T. | Huntersville

August-16-2017 Bark busters rating

Diane and John are fantastic, we were at our wits end with our 7 month old German Shep/Malamute pup. We simply could not get control of Maverick. I have had dogs my entire life and never had a problem getting a dog to listen to me, but Maverick is/was very different. There was so much stress in the house because we couldn't get Maverick to "behave and be calmer" we almost gave him up. Diane and John came to the house and before the 1st visit was over, we had a completely different dog. They show you how to talk to your dog (no you don't have to bark), they give you tools to not only build confidence in your dog, but also confidence in you as the owner which is just as important. We've only been training for about 2 weeks, but there is no more chewing walls and furniture, no more unnecessary barking. no more nipping, and no more pulling on the leash. Today was our 2nd visit with Diane and John, and they showed us some more techniques to make things even easier. I honestly have a completely different dog, and we love to come home to Maverick. The best part is there is no "shock collar" or food used to teach the dog. If it wasn't for Diane and John and Bark Busters, we probably would not have kept Maverick, and I see now what a mistake that would have been. He is such a good boy. I would recommend Diane and John to anyone who feels like there is no way their dog is going to fit into their family the way you want them to. My husband who is a retired Marine calls Diane and John the dog whisperers, and they are.

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Nickie H. | Huntersville

July-25-2017 Bark busters rating

" We adopted two beagles who had never walked on a leash. The previous owners kept them in the backyard and we wanted to be able to walk them. In addition they barked at everything, rushed the front door and jumped up. After our first visit with Diane and John we saw a major change in their behavior. They learned immediately how to walk on a leash! One of our beagles was overweight and we did not want to treat train him. We love the fact that the Bark Busters training does not use treats. We are now a happy and calmer household". Nickie

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Kim C. | Cornelius

July-22-2017 Bark busters rating

We recently got a new puppy and was concerned about how our 6-year-old terrier mix would accept him. We had thought about training but kept putting it off until Clemencia accidentally met John and Diane immediately bonded with them so we gave it a try. Best decision ever! In just our first visit our older boy Cole was already following our commands (he was an excessive barker). KC, our Jack Russell/terrier mix puppy, is well on her way to training with the leash, barking, biting, and all those other things puppies do. We are two very pleased clients of Bark Busters Lake Norman. Thanks for all you do Diane and John and most of all thanks for making it fun! We are now a relaxed family of four.- Kim

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